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Super Predator Kraken Dubbing - Predator Flies - Super Predator Kraken Dubbing...A great blend of a high sheen color base dubbing with at least 2 colors of ultra fine tinsel enhancer with hundreds of multiple leg colors making this a tremendous dubbing for streamers, steelhead flies, bass bugs, pike patterns and much more!
Price: $1.00 per full bag

6 Color Set... $6.00

Predator Hair Fly Tying Material Fire
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Predator Hair...10 inch long synthetic hair that is ideal for Fresh and Saltwater baitfish patterns. Including Pike, Muskie, and offshore flies Bass. Sheds water on the backcast to maintain its shape. Can be used for parachute posts on dry flies as it holds it shape well.
Price: $1.75 per full bag.


Predator Lights Fly Tying Material
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Predator Lights..Super tinsel fiber mixes in great fish attracting colors. These combine TWO colors of tinsel and then dyed making the white micro fibers  take the dye in a wonderful tinsel mix. The first two colors are the tinsel and the last is the micro fiber color. Bass, Pike, Steelhead, Salmon, trout this does it all. Nice bulk to this material and it doesn't collapse as most tinsels do. SUPERB! 8" long fibers with over 800 strands
Price: $1.50 per full bag



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